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Pug Life

Pug Alphabet Play Mat

Pug Alphabet Play Mat

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These cute little pugs are here to teach your child the ABC's while just being darn cute. This playmate is easy to clean and completely safe for your baby and toddlers to play on.

Handmade from our beautifully soft and spongy neoprene fabric, the cuteness will not fade away or rub off as your kid makes a mess, but at least it's a contained mess, right? If it does get dirty, or a pug has an accident, simply wipe the durable neoprene fabric down with a slightly damp cloth for the odd mark or bit of dirt. For a more thorough clean, you can handwash your mat using a gentle detergent.

  • Non-slip backing
  • 3 mm thick (approx)
  • Handmade to order

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